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Sometimes we have to cross the rock of our own Doubt before we can dive into Trust

The BIG U 3/3/21

Within our own mind there are many voices each seemingly to have a different opinion, often these represent various figures of influence in our lives like our parents , teachers , friends, colleagues ,peers and also the general mindset of our community , country and religion. Its no wonder with all this input we can feel confused and doubt will arise when we are trying to make a decision.

All of these influences are useful to have as information and research yet ultimately it is our own guidance that we should Trust. Our own unique viewpoint , our guidance system, that enables us understand what will serve us the most despite sometimes advice tp the contrary. To use the analogy of driving,If we are in insistence we should take out foot off the gas and if we are in resistance , take our foot off the break , for life will always be giving you this feedback on the form of stress and when we are flowing we feel positive and optimistic .

The key here is that the expansion of your being will always ask you to overcome your doubts and the hidden fears behind them and step forward and dive into Trusting the unknown, for it is there that the new and exciting wonders of your life exist and it is only then will you be free to become your next greatest vision of who you truly Are !

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