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Many of us have a list of duties and tasks that are entwined with our different roles in life . The thing that is generally not realized is that we connect our own sense of worth woven into our web of responsibilities, and wether we successfully complete these or not we see as adding or subtracting from our value .

We often over schedule our day , not giving ourselves enough transition time or space for unexpected delays , thus setting ourselves up to fail .

Even if we plan to reward ourselves with some joyful play, if ww don't achieve our goals we then do feel we deserve the reward and can penalize ourselves by working extra time to complete and missing out on this important aspect of our day .

When we do this we start to resent the people and roles in our lives that seem to enforce  this need for effort , which could be parenting or business etc , yet fail to see its our own internal judgment that is the cause .

The purpose of our life is to experience joy which is always felt when we free to choice whatever action wether work or play , yet when we force ourselves to be inauthentic for the internal reward of feeling worthy , we become out of balance . When we make our joy a priority each day we will recognize the energy and positivity it ignites and be able to apply ourselves to our responsibilities freely and with vitality.

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