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Many of us have grown up with a sense of duty and it is strongly associated with what we believe is right and wrong . Our inner matrix of personality has this interwoven within it and yet a lot of the adopted beliefs are no longer relevant to this day and age , and specifically if we have moved from our home town and culture sometimes they can be at odds with our current life situation.

The biggest issue though is that they are often not in alignment with our authenticity and we have to force ourselves to follow through on outdated ideas , betraying ourselves in the process . We all have an internal guideline system , that is supported by an external GPS (God provides Signs) and if we listen to this Knowing we will sometimes come up against what we believe we are supposed to do or supposed to be and an internal conflict will ensue .

Our Inspiration is the true guide here , and should always come before some outmoded sense of duty or false loyalty that can cause us to live an inauthentic life , especially because when we come from this place of inauthenticity it never truly satisfies us or the other we are doing it for . To live up to this ideal might give us an immediate payback of feeling righteous , but in the end the Cost to ourselves is to great. So follow your Knowing, let you inspiration lead the way and drop all your self judgement as you discover a whole new joyous way of being!

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