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Drop the past , release the future, Trust the present

When we walk into each moment carrying the past on our shoulders we bring a heavy weight of expectation for a future that avoids this repetition. This creates both an inner demand and an exterior friction that puts us on edge and makes it unable to truly be present to the unfolding as it arises in each moment.

The purpose of each situation is to offer you opportunities to recognize the resistance you encounter, drop the internal baggage you carry and release the futility of manufacturing a future designed around avoiding this healing surrender.

Only by Allowing the past to fall away willingly will we see the wound that was present and unconsciously influencing all of our decisions in an effort to protect ourselves, we pervert and restrict ourselves.

Now is the time for us to recognize this old pattern of avoidance and trust the present. To welcome all opportunities letting them peel away the past layers of protection and open to the gracious opportunities of healing and the infinite possibilities that are then present when we Do !

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