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THE BIG U 1/13/21

Evolution of Belief

Many of us adopt or inherited a set of beliefs from our parents , peers or religion and then are challenged throughout our lives as our experiences and the conclusions we make from them seem at odds with what we have been taught and internalize.

This can cause a sense of conflict within us and confusion , that leads to self judgement and guilt as we feel bad about not being in alignment with these ancient dictates.

However what if beliefs where not supposed to be rigid at all but to evolve naturally as we ourselves evolve ? To grow beyond our limited perception as we too grow beyond the previous barriers of life that humankind once so easily accepted and now seem ridiculously limited themselves.

The Beliefs we carry are a set of conclusions we carrier that help us navigate life for our and all others highest good , and to serve our evolution to the next greatest expression of who we are both individually and collectively , and thus are always evolving to serve this expansion and magnificent eternal opportunity .

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