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The BIG U 03/13/21

The old is washed away to make space for the new

Whether it is some thing that we personally value or some thing that we wish to let go, ultimately everything that we attached to and define as us Keeps us restricted and in order for us to evolve eventually we must surrender the old , both good and bad , to allow the new !

The continued Evolution of our being over this and many lifetimes requires us to trust this process, and from the ego’s perspective surrender to the grand journey of our Soul, trusting that no matter what the floodwaters of our life have washed away, that in the rebuilding of our lives we will discover something new about ourselves, a resilience and determination that we were not aware of.

This ongoing process of creation always offers the opportunity for upgrades, both externally and internally. To reach out in humble vulnerability to ask for help and receive the Providence of life not stopping to dwell on the negative but seeing the opportunity of the positive, the growth and Resurrection that is possible after the Deconstruction.

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