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Updated: Jul 17, 2021

We we release the restrictions on others we also free ourselves

In life we can often have a very high unconscious demands on ourselves. These internal expectations are the creators of the pressure and stress we feel to perform and achieve , creating a restrictive experience in our daily lives.

How this plays out is that we normally have strong expectations of others to live up to these ideals as well. This demand is felt by others and creates a pressure on them which feels uncomfortable. This situation quite often translates into disharmony and unsatisfactory outcomes.

The problem with this is that it limits both others expression and also the unexpected opportunities That can arise from a more open and trusting mindset. We can identify the Unconscious fears within us that are creating this Pressure in our lives

and choose to increase the trust, that even when things change unexpectedly they are doing it ultimately for the betterment of all .

In releasing our tight reins on life we also free ourselves and allow more joy to enter each day with optimism!.

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