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To free ourselves We need to drop our self judgment and accept ourselves completely as we are

The prison of our mind can be a highly restrictive experience, guarded by our own self judgment , that has a consistently updating set of expectations of ourselves that we are judge ourselves against , this can be an exhausting and depressing situation where we feel we can never live up to our own ideals .

What if we where to drop all our expectations and to allow ourselves to be in each moment naturally and authentically showing up with an open heart . Allowing ourselves to create our experiences in innocence and vulnerability, without the restriction of judgement but the inquisitive nature of possibility and the gentle acceptance of wonder .

When we release ourselves from the restrictions of our ego and stop our judge mental attitude we can accept ourselves truly as we are , and without these self imposed expectations we discover we where Free all along and it was our own internal jailer that held the key to that Freedom .

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