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In our lives we build things , homes , careers , relationships and identities , all of which we invest a lot of time and effort into , yet ultimately everything that we create has its seasons , and eventually like nature Winter will come and all we have built will have to come apart so that the spring of a new creation is possible.

If we become too invested in anything in life we limit its potential. We create elaborate schemes to retain we what we have , and don’t realize in the process we stifle our own evolution in attempting to keep the status quo . Pressure is built up as we have to become more and more ignorant of the need for transformation and so eventually something has to give and explosive results can occur.

Yet after the devastation of change which may seem dramatic and shocking now there is a great space of opportunity that opens up to allow a new and exciting growth to occur . New life literally springs into this space, new experiences, new people and most of all a new you is able to be born with the restrictions of the past and with all the possibilities of the future !.

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