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Updated: Jul 20, 2021

When we choose our own intuition over another’s influence to guide us we choose authentically

The power of peer pressure in our lives Is a very real Force. Most of our thinking has been very heavily influenced by our parents , our family, our friends and now with the advent of social media, by the pressures we feel to live up to some version of ourselves that meets society’s vision of what is acceptable .

This sometimes overwhelming perception is full of contradictions and misunderstandings and can be very overwhelming as we look to find a place in the world. Yet in reality the place that will give us the most guidance Is not the exterior but the interior.

When we have exhausted ourselves enough trying to live up these ideals we have no choice but to look within us and to let go of the strong influence we feel in trying to please others and achieve their version of who we should be. When we drop the need for this recognition it frees us up to actually recognize who we are below these layers of adoption and to let our inner voice , our own intuition guide us to an authentic life .

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