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Allow joy to guide your way for when we are joyful we create a path for others to follow .

We all have many different motivations in life , fame , money , power or success, yet so often in allowing these to be our guidance  we can loose track of who we are . Sabotaging our authenticity for the ingratiating reward that somehow we feel will give us more worth or respect especially from ourselves.

But what if there was an even more powerful motivator that didn't require you to sacrifice yourself in the process ? One that actually would have you ignited and inspired to pursue each day with excitement and optimism.

Joy is the greatest motivator there is , it pulls us forward and asks us to drop all the baggage we carry so that we can arrive in this very moment, for that is the only place it can be felt . If we are courageous enough to allow Joy to guide our decisions then not only will our life be joyful, but we will also create a path for others to follow as we become the example of exhilaration and bliss.

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