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Updated: Jul 31, 2021

To truly Love oneself we must drop all self judgement and appreciate ever unique essential aspect that makes us who we are.

So often we carry judgment about the world and the people in it but really this is , like all things, a reflection of our own inner dynamic. Our own Self Judgment about the aspects of ourselves that we have decided we are not happy about having manifested externally. Yet even if we go on a crusade to change the outside it is the internal where the only true shift can happen ., and this does not come from a starting place of judgement .

The first step in any healing is to remove this veil of assessment that see’s from our small you’s limited perspective, that something is either good or bad , useful or useless . Yet this internal dialogue that we carry was adopted from our childhood , and is twisted by a warped perspective which says there is only one perfect version of who we ‘should ‘be and it fails to recognize the value in every moment of our existence that has brought us to who we are now .

Every aspect served us in the journey of our life and was essential to our evolution and when we are willing to recognize this and be grateful for our totality without this judgement we unlock the internal resistance that was holding us to our identity . When we can look back at our lives with gratitude we unlock the dam and allow who we are to flow into an ever changing river of identity, a Fluidity; that instead of resisting this we celebrate and fall in love with the dynamic ever evolving being that we are every step of the way !

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