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So often we seek to add to our lives , on a quest of acquisition we believe the more we acquire the richer we are . Therefore we are always looking for what we might gain from an experience , and try and manipulate both the other and ourselves to attain something, often at the price of our authenticity.

Yet whatever we gain from this method we pay for with the highest price , for when we are inauthentic in the pursuit of acquiring something, what we get is a match for what we are pretending to be not that which we authentically are , and thus does not ultimately serve us.

Instead when we allow each moment to be a natural unfolding and have the courage to be openly authentic above all , we allow that which comes to come yet also we allow that which leaves to leave .  Living in this way We begin to slowly understand the gift of reduction for as we stop holding onto that which wishes to pass away we discover what it was costing us to hold on to it . This action is one of purification for as we reduce theses attachments the quality of honesty and the clarity of truth are more present in our daily lives .

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