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There is no justification for oppression the answer is always compassionate consideration

Sometimes we may feel that life is a battle and the only way to gain what we want is to use force to get it . So when another seems to be at odds with this we assess the situation and if we feel they are in the wrong then we feel justified to use our strength in an oppressive manner preventing others so we may achieve our goals.

Yet the problem with this behavior is that the other is always a reflection of ourself, so when we choose to dominate them to gain our own desires we actually corrupt our own heart and in separation become detached from the grander plan of connection and realization.

This person has arisen in our lives for a reason and even if their actions seem to warrant punishment, the greater path would be to realize that all negative behavior stems from fear and that on some level it is a mirror of our own suppression .

The beautiful way out of this challenge is to come from a place of compassionate consideration , knowing that although their actions are not serving them that oppression will only lead to these actions intensifying and to diffuse the situation our hearts are the key. When we can shift our own internal story of oppression we will be able to model that energy for the other and a new perspective of harmony will arise .

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