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Rise above the fog of your brain with the optimism of your heart

When we are confused and our mind feels unclear we say we have Brain Fog. There can be many causes for this with dehydration and lack of sleep , yet also there is a deeper reason for when we are not aligned with the optimism of our heart and we allow doubt to plague our thoughts this can be the reason we are clouded.

One of the best ways to address this is to look for where we are holding back our true direction with worries and creating blockages on our path due to unnecessary fears. Instead of being fearful of something we can be excited by it , not knowing the outcome allows us the opportunity to be optimistic about how things will turn out. We have the choice to trust the flow of life as it removes things from our path , that we were attached too but ultimately where holding us back , and as we forge through courageously the clouds clear and the excitement ignites our enthusiasm.

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