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THE BIG U 3/30/21

When we choose to run away, it is always from ourselves and that’s impossible!

In life when we are faced with challenges, things that make us feel uncomfortable or irritate us, we can get frustrated and choose to avoid them, to essentially run away. Many of us actually have a pattern of running away, it might be some thing that has kept us safe when we were younger and so whenever we feel fear arise this is our natural instinct to run away to bring ourselves to a place where we feel safe once again.

As understandable and useful as this technique has been for all animals; the flight response serving to keep one alive in extreme situations; In situations to do with relationships and connections with others this pattern can lead us to avoid the growth and evolution that we have attracted them into our lives for.

Ultimately whenever we try to run from something, really we are running from the reflection, it is something within us that is hidden that this exterior person place or situation is showing us. So we are always going to try to run from ourselves and obviously that is impossible and we will carry this energy forward which will be reflected and manifested in the next situation that arises.

So the next time you feel this challenge arise look inside yourself and ask “What in me am I hiding from? What in me do I want not want to look at? For it is this aspect of ourselves that is yearning to be healed, to come home to ourselves and be whole once more.

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