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Self righteousness creates external distance and internal closure , which harms ourselves not those we judge .

When we seek always to be right , to be the authority over others and ourselves we create an inner Government that is sure from its past conclusions that it knows all the answers. Yet these judgments although founded in our experience do not allow for the ever-changing influence of evolution and restrict the opportunity for unexpected realizations that can arise from being willing to enter the unknown.

And when we are self righteous we create distance from others since it does not offer space for a different perspective, Yet all perspectives have a root in truth , they are just many ways that each of us are working towards the unraveling of what is so and the layers that cover our true being.

Instead of the harm of closure, we can open our hearts in compassion and inquiry and look to see where another’s opinion might service us in reflection of our own internal Blindspot‘s and how by recognizing the courage It takes to reveal vulnerably ,we can be inspired to also to be courageous in our own sharing of wounds and avoidances we dance with and how to own and heal them in the exchange of honesty.

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