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When we open our hearts the riches cannot fail to flood out and bless everyone

When we are feeling disconnected and wandering about our place and purpose in the world , it normally seems to be some external situation but ultimately it is because of one thing , we have closed our hearts . Our hearts where designed to be a mechanism for giving and when we close them we have to spend all our energy on holding back there fullness which is exhausting .

Our hearts are the conduit for the expression of who and what we are to be shared with the world , it is how Love , our true essence shines out from within us and in its sharing we discover the riches of our core nature as we see the joy this brings .

We cannot fail in this , there is not an agenda or result that we are seeking for love has no conditions . It is a unavoidable consequence of opening our hearts that we bring riches to all those we encounter for they reflect the joy and bounty that we bless them with , and in this we witness our true abundance in their eyes .

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