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Compassion works both ways

for when we shut someone out we shut ourselves down

When we feel challenged by another, on some level we are feeling attacked and so our first reaction is to defend ourselves . We close the gate , pull up the drawbridge and shut them out in an attempt to protect ourselves.

However this reaction is not serving us for the when we choose to shut another out we inadvertently shut ourselves down . We make a prison of ourselves in order to keep ourselves safe and we lose our own spontaneity and freedom, and adopt a fearful standpoint.

We miss the opportunity that is being presented by this situation for all others are reflections of our own hidden aspects looking to be revealed.

Compassion is a two way street and we can approach the other with compassionate listening we will hear the gift that is being pointed to within ourselves, for the part of them we wish to not see is the part of ourselves we have told to shut up . So our acceptance of their message is really listening to our own inner voice that is patiently waiting to be heard .

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