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The differences of our minds might seem to separate us but we are much more connected by the similarities of our hearts

As I traveled the world too over 82 countries, I saw such variety in the cultures, countries and people I visited, and these differences quite often seemed to divide and separate us.

This can be like , in our very own town where we live. We noticed the differences between us and we feel separated by them, however I have learned that there is something much stronger than the apparent surface of the variety of life that makes such a beautiful mosaic ,Is that when one lives from the heart we are more similar than at first we perceive.

We all feel the depth and variety of emotions when we live from our heart , and allow compassion to guide us we see in this place of joy and of pain, that with our delights and our suffering we are more connected than we can possibly imagine for at our souls, we are all from the same source .

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