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Remove your idea of perfection and

excite in the unexpected wonders that fill the space

We all have a limited perception of reality based on our experiences and what we have learnt in our lives so far and so we make assumptions of what is perfect and what is not, yet when we impose this small view on our lives , we limit the larger perspective of the BIG U that has an unlimited viewpoint and can see the beauty of the larger workings of reality .

Life is always reflecting the next best journey towards your highest evolution and will upgrade and readjust itself constantly to meet the next greatest opportunity for you to experience this , and yet sometimes if we are holding on to a previously chosen course we get upset and believe life has become imperfect and gone of the rails .

Yet from the greater plan all is in perfectly alignment consistently designed and refined to bring us to that place of peace and joy and often this requires a complete surrender of our attachments and ideas , opening to trust and allowing space to arise , for in that opening is where the unexpected wonders of our lives will occur and blow us away with its magic !.

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