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The Fruit of Repression is Desire The Fruit of Expression is Peace

In life we all have wishes that are ignited by our path of evolution yet many of us can repress them because one of two reasons. Either we are overwhelmed with responsibilities that we feel are more important ,believing that we must meet our duties first or because we judge those wishes negatively . ,from a cultural or religious perspective we feel we are wrong in yearning for them .

However the fruit of this repression is that a hidden Desire is grown within us and  starts to unconsciously manipulate our actions as its wish for fulfillment .

We becomes resentful of our responsibilities and blame the people involved for this angst and we often rebel against our beliefs and the religious communities negatively seeing these elements as the cause for our inner turmoil and this becomes a powerful distorted force in our lives .

So what is the alternative to repression ?  Expression !.. When we choose to allow ourselves to express vulnerably and authentically we are saying yes to ourselves. We remove the internal battle of suppression that exhausts us and we find peace as we open up to whatever possibilities may arrive from this guidance . The key is to not attach to a goal of our expression but simply to allow the natural flow of our internal source to manifest . Free from hidden desires we calmly sit  in awe watching our lives miraculously unfolding before us.

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