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We can always discover something new about ourselves in the reflection of another

Any person that arrives into your sphere has shown up there to reflect some thing to you.

In whatever form, age or gender a person enters your life the exterior circumstances is the method that life has used to bring that particular interaction into your life, yet once arrived your experiences with that person will create an opportunity for you to witness something about yourself.

As we relate with others we share who we are, and as we do this we discover who we are . Sometimes that discovery is a surprise, for we might have a vision of ourselves to be a certain way and yet when inspired or triggered by another we will discover a hidden trait that arises within us. And it is this revealing that is the gift of all relating.

So when we have a new opportunity to interact with another it makes sense to cultivate the witness to observe with peace and equanimity what is the message that is being delivered within this connection and how may I grow and evolve from the gift of another’s Reflection.

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