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THE BIG U - 1/9/21

No one likes to feel blame , in fact most of us have a subconscious defense mechanism adopted and put in place when we where young children that triggers to defend ourselves at the slightest possibility of attack .

The word awareness actually has its root in “At War Ness” which encapsulates the idea to be on the watch for any attack and be prepared, this is an exhaustive and acute state of stress that is underlying a lot of our everyday situations and unwittingly we create this angst that makes us a little prickly to others .

How we find peace with this situation and reconcile it with the idea that we are creating our own reality, is to realize all is a reflection of ourselves and everything arises to offer us the opportunity to drop another layer of this egoic defense mechanism, our armor , and walk with trust and understanding of our part in the creation of our fear .

When we feel the injustice of wrongful blame we are so busy proving our innocence by attributing blame elsewhere, we fail to see that at the root of all experience we are the cause !.. and when we have the courage to move beyond the mundane understanding of action and into the depth of intention we can see that although we might not have physically, mentally or literally been the perpetrator, we are on the deepest level the creator of the situation and discover through this inquiry the hidden freedom that is being sort by our being in bringing this challenge too us .

So instead of being focused on resistance, or insistence, move into acceptance and look for the hidden aspect of ourselves that is protected by our righteousness, and ask what deeply protected magic is asking to be invited home to our being when it is no longer inprisoned by our own Defensiveness !

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