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Whatever you witness arises for another trust they have all the abilities to overcome and evolve from the experience

In this world we have many people in our lives; lovers, friends , family , colleagues and strangers. We interact with these many reflections throughout our lives and one of the most challenging things is the paradox of wanting to help and allowing them to learn . The action of love is to be of service yet when we take on another's challenges for ourselves we can create disruption for we stop the other from learning the lesson this experience has come to offer them .

Some of the main reasons we do this is either we feel guilty and we interfere to try and change things to assuage our Guilt , or we feel responsible (with children or employees) and we don't like how the situation reflects on us . Both of these reasons if seen with clarity are not about helping but about avoiding our own uncomfortable Feelings . The thing about these motivations is the other can feel that we are not being truly gracious but actually self centered and thus they resist the interference, (this is very common in teenagers with parents)

All of us are given experiences to help us learn about ourselves and the challenges in life often offer the biggest opportunities to change . When we witness another going through things , first we can check in to see what truly motivates us and when we are clear this is an opportunity to help from an unconditional place we can support them , yet ultimately the best support is to trust they have brought this situation to themselves for there greatest evolution and to hold vision of this, knowing they will Grow from this and in return realize our own growth in developing a place of Trust for our own life challenges .

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