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Drop all resistance and Welcome all that arises with gratitude

We never we resist what is so, what is in front of us right now, we are resisting ourselves, we are resisting the reflection of life that is communicating a very important aspect of who we are to be owned, to be inquired into and to be evolved By as we act from a place of inclusion.

When we welcome all that is before us without judgment but acceptance, realizing that beyond our often limited understanding is a gift , an opportunity to allow what is before us to reveal to us the next stage of our work , the next part of us to drop and to unravel , to open to the person we now chose ourselves to be in the impact of this experience.

So welcome , welcome, welcome all that comes for although at first glance it might not seem so ,all are angels performing acts of kindness to ignite us to open our hearts and love an aspect of ourselves previously hidden and judged , and when we welcome what is before us we welcome what is inside us !

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