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Peace and ease arrive when we are willing to balance our Outward YANG energy by inviting and accepting the essential receptive qualities of YIN

Our current world is very active place , full of the outward productive energy of Yang this is the manifesting force of the masculine , and is essential to creating yet when we become attached to our constructions we also become trapped by that identification as we see them as extensions of ourselves and get lost from our core .

Both men and women have adopted a very Yang energy in the western world yet we can learn from East as they still honor and look to engender the receptive qualities of the YIN energy .

When we are willing to recognize the waves of these energies as they play through our lives , we generally welcome the Yang energy but the Yin is not only equal important but is essential and if we do not give it , its space we become suppressed and pressurized with intensity.

Women know this all to well and have various methods and understanding to support their monthly cycle , yet men are mostly unaware of the necessity and their own 3 monthly cycle . To reduce the stress in our lives we can notice when the melancholy and sadness , the confusion and fatigue arises and instead of powering through with caffeine and grit , we can recognize this invitation of the Yin and take time to give ourselves space and silence. Remove the agenda of doing and allow the stillness to open our hearts , deconstructing our attachments , letting go and allowing the restructuring of our being blossom the ease & surrender that’s essential for our peace and evolution



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