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The only home worth investing in is the one we build inside that is called PEACE

In life we can find ourselves investing in creating our Home , this can mean many things to many people both our family our friends, the house that we actually want to create a home within and yet what I’m suggesting here is that throughout our life these things can be transitory and change depending on which stage of life we are at. Yet that is a deeper sense to What home really is.

When we invest in this sense of being at home within our own being, to be at ease within ourselves no matter what the exterior backdrop. Whether it is your permanent home, whether you are renting from another, whether you are traveling or still living with your family what we can truly build as a sense of being comfortable and accepting within ourselves.

This home is called PEACE and when we truly invest our time in self acceptance, self compassion, and allow our True self expression without force but at ease , simply sharing in integrity and honesty who we are, we find ultimately that we can be at home with any one , in any place for we are the constant shining aspect of truth in any situation.

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