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Acceptance is our willingness to receive what we are being presented every moment.

Every moment is a gift, A present pre-sent to this present moment by your ever loving presence, the BIG U, & the only thing you have to do is except it; to receive it; to recognize that that is what this moment has come for! This moment has arrived in your life to present you with this gift, and the gift is in the form of an experience, but within the experience is wrapped a pearl of wisdom.

So no matter what is happening, no matter whether your ego sees it as frustrating, or different to what was wanted or expected, know deep down inside that there is a gift here, and this gift will remove an old ideology, will set about a new paradigm, will give you an opportunity to evolve beyond the expectation.

So be optimistic; be inquisitive; be curious. Even if you can’t see it immediately, there is an opportunity in every moment that you have sent to yourself, that has the most amazing magnificent transformation wrapped up in your acceptance of it.

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