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Be the light that guides your way

Often we can be confused as to which direction to take in life, not sure of the right decision, we look for signals from the outside. Asking for advice from others, doing research and weighing up the pros and cons. This is the logical way of proceeding and is the one that we learn and are taught, yet as much as we can feel this is the right to go way to go about things there is another more aligned and clear decision making process.

Inside all of us, is our inherent intelligence, the BIG U’s guidance in the form of divine order.

When we are willing to trust this innate intuition we no longer have to second-guess ourselves and go through the rigmarole of doubt , trying to make a decision that might be The most sensible but it’s not the most in alignment with your own evolution.

Within us all is this guiding light and when we are willing to get out of our minds and let the clear and authentic innervoice guide us we become our own source of guidance and shine forth , illuminating the path in front of us in clarity and trust

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