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THE BIG U -2/2/21

When we are confused by another’s behavior it can be very frustrating as they behave in a way that doesn’t align with our expectations. However when we pull this energy to us it is an opportunity for us to dig deep into our acceptance of what is happening and our compassion for the other.

Firstly we do not fully understand all the details that could be happening in that person‘s life and so to judge them or to try and force them , Would only result in more resistance which is always the result of insistence. Instead we can surrender and move into acceptance knowing that there is a grander plan in place and that although the situation is not resolving how we believe it should be there is a greater dynamic at work that will bring about a more aligned resolution from a different perspective.

Also when we practice acceptance and compassion for another we are also developing it for ourselves, so that in the future when we are confused and unable to meet an agreement we can be compassionate with ourselves and explain with an open heart to the other, rather than forcing ourselves and so this is training to walk a more excepting and compassionate life.

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