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In order to have a life that reflects you accurately you need to have the courage to be authentic above all no matter the risk

Life in all its moments is reflecting who you present to it, when we choose a version of ourselves that we believe is the one that we should present then often this is not the most authentic and the life we experience is a reflection of this mask.

To truly experience a a life that is a real reflection of who you are requires you to be courageous, to be brave enough to live with vulnerability and trust, presenting the truest version of yourself in every moment no matter the risk.

When we are willing to do this life aligns with our innermost authentic being and ultimately serves us by removing the corruption that we have held in order to gain approval, for the cost of that approval is so much more than the pay off ,and when we realize this we walk The path of courage and truth, and our life rearranges to mirror this honesty to us !

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