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The path to happiness is one of inclusion



When we see ourselves as separate from others we create exclusion and as we exclude we actually fracture ourselves , cutting ourselves off from aspects of our true nature .

The exterior world seems to be full of many different people with different opinions and we generally separate ourselves from things that do not align with us , yet what if everything that came to you was an echo of your own internal landscape and showed you hidden mirrors of your own judgement of yourself.

The opportunity here is to witness , forgive with compassion and accept that in some way what we are observing and our resistance to it is asking us to look at an aspect of ourselves that is asking for acceptance and inclusion.

As we move along the journey of our lives we will always have a choice , and if we choose to be more inclusive and welcoming of all that we see and integrate its message into our life we become more whole and that wholesome feeling translates as contentment, or Happiness!

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