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The BIG U - 1/21/21

Abundance is the very nature of the universe, and when we realize how to access it we are constantly fulfilled as we discover we are the source of this energy and it aligns to provide fuel for our inspiration.

Many of us have moments when we are feeling scarcity , this confusion is called lack and results in us attempting to gain from the outside that which is actually resourced from within .

This is due to the fact we have forgotten that , inspiration is when we are “In Spirit “ infused with the source that flows through us and is the bountiful BIG U . Our abundant selves are felt when we express from our inner resource , guided out by inspiration towards dreams , creations and aspirations of service toward the world .

When we do not wait for all factors in the exterior world to come together but remember that once we embark on creating our inspiring vision , we access the unlimited supply from within us that conspires with the whole universe to bring about the most beautiful expression of that creation in service to all .

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