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Each layer we peel away we reveal more of a light with him

Throughout our lives we have adopted ideas about ourselves which have slowly covered the light that we possess inside.

Mostly we adopted these ideas to defend ourselves to keep ourselves safe, but also to try and improve ourselves , to make ourselves more because quite often as a small child we felt less.

However at our core we are a bright shining being and we came in to this world perfect and ready to share that light with all, yet as we dimmed ourselves down with the layers of protection we also lost track of our own brilliance.

So each day when there is a challenge to our ego, the answer is to allow that challenge to remove a layer that we have placed upon ourselves, for that is the reason it has shown up in our lives to remove some thing that we have attached to that lessens the brilliance of who we are and as we do this, the light within us shines brighter for all to see.

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