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The BIG U 2/9/21

LIFEBOOK is an the inspired life coaching system by Jon and Missy Butcher , based on splitting life into 12 Categories and then defining for ourself what we wish to attract in each of these categories . Over the next 12 days i will list theses and define for myself the energies i am calling in to each area of my life consciously visualizing this into manifestation by my choice.

The Second Life category is


this is the area of life where we choose to engage with the world , to give a form and structure to our talents and abilities , so that we can shine forth the gifts we came into this life to share through a vocation , business or career .

We all have doubts about our self worth and this os due to our own restrictions , that hold back the true expression of who we are for fear of being “too much “ but this suppression creates the illusion of “not enough” . Yet in truth all our energy is being used to hold ourselves back for fear of rejection-from others so we reject ourselves.

Our Career is the way we reverse this , looking at the aspect of ourselves we judge harshly and withhold , we can find an outlet , a particular job or expression of service where this ability that we have in abundance is not only acceptable but actually essential to that vocation. When we choose a career that supports the release of our gifts we are intrinsically motivated to follow this path as we are inspired to serve fulfilled by delight we feel in the action of expressing our Bliss and through this knowing our true worth and place in every moment!

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