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We all have an internal judge that is busily working away on the agenda we ahave given it … to keep us safe !.. However this remit has become a dictatorship as it’s decided , much like external governments can , that it knows best how to keep us safe and that is to be overly protective to the point that we become iimprisoned in its dictates.

Our Inner judge is an aspect of our ego , programmed by ourselves to cope with the unknown that we fear .It is so busy assessing risk , reward and punishment , that it limits our experience of authenticity,. Our hignest expression in each moment is held back by these fears and we acquiesce to this programming but as we do our lives become a shadow of our true selves.

As a result of this we lose access to our joy , we are so cautious that spontaneity, creativity, and vitality are restricted by our wishing to survive, yet in this we forget that the purpose of this experience of life is to Thrive !.

So free yourself from your inhibiting concerns and write a new set of guidance for your inner judge , allow the agenda of happiness and authenticity to be primary and learn to live from the grander perspective of Joy!

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