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Never Ending Wonder

The reason we have a new year is so we can have the opportunity to create a new life.

The concept of “newness” is a very interesting one, for although we enter each moment generally with an idea of ourselves; a package of thoughts, experiences and definitions of who we are and what our life is, actually what is happening is that we are re-creating the whole reality of who we are in every new moment.

We can choose to have this continuity & re-create each moment very similar to the last, however the quantum field is not limited by this expectation and we do also have the option to create a whole new experience, and we can do this by bringing a whole new YOU into the next moment.

The blank page of the upcoming new year, of each new moment is up to us whether we choose to draw upon it the past once more or Re design, learning from that past but being infused by the wisdom that we have gained and using this to inspire a whole new life experience created from a place of unlimited wonder !... Wonder Filled!


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