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The BIG U - 1/16/21


In all our actions The most fulfilling strategy to adopt is a Joyful one

In our lives we are actively pursuing some goal or agenda , which at first seems to be the main objective to achieve it , however as we grow we learn that the goal is actually the impetus to create the journey and it is whilst walking towards our destination we are transformed by the path we choose along it .

Thus the strategy that we adopt , often warps our own authentic expression , as the means is often ignored when we are focused on the ends , and the result is no longer resonate with us for we have perverted ourselves in order to achieve it .

The important thing is to realize the intention is the creative force behind your life creation and it is actually in each moment that true fulfillment happens , and the most fulfilling strategy to engender is one of Joy !..

So in each plan, idea , dream or activity we undertake ask does this excite me , does this thrill me , does this expand me , does this open me and realize true intrinsic motivation as each step upon the joyful path is one that ignites your expression of JOY !..

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