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The more we trust,

the more we relax,

the more we allow,

the more we receive.

When challenges arise in life our first reaction can be to become stressed because we are concerned about a negative outcome , and our mind is trying to find a solution that will avoid this , and we can feel pressured and move into insistence with others to try and resolve the situation quickly , yet this challenge has arisen to bring about change and although it might seem unexpected if we are aware and honest with ourselves we will see there was signs of this in our past .

The situation is not arising yo be fixed but is arising to shine a light on something within us that is asking to be healed and whomever the players are in our particular drama they have shown up perfectly as angels to bring about a healing for us all .

This is the process of evolution and if we can stop and take a breathe before reacting we can see choose instead to allow space for calm reflection. To trust the process , knowing that the outcome will always serve us even when we are clouded in fear or judgement, by surrendering these fears we can relax and allow the unfolding of the situation and instead of noticing the losses instead see the spaces being made for us to receive a gift from every experience.

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