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All our triggers are seeking to be Revealed



And healed

We all have an ego comprised of triggers; The buttons that when pressed , trigger our defense mechanism. We put these in place along time ago and they were for our service, designed by us to defend ourselves and keep ourselves safe, however they have become a prison for they not only keep us hidden inside but also prevent others from really connecting with us.

Our Soul , our BIG U , at some point realizes this and then also in our service, looks to release us from this web of entrapment and how it does this is to attract the people places and things to trigger these buttons, so that They are revealed, felt & released and that we may truly heal .

To heal means to become whole,

for when we have the courage to go through this process and to not defend ourselves against those that might trigger us , but realize they are angels sent to help us In our bid for freedom. Each time we are triggered we can own the story behind this, look to release it and realize it is no longer serving us to keep us separate from others and from our own heart, and once we do this , we not only release ourselves , but we also release the blame game on others and realize they are all in service to our liberation.

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