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Sometimes we can let our plans get in the way of realizing the perfection of this very moment. We can get so busy planning ahead and worrying about the outcomes trying to ensure things work out how we want them , that we actually miss the fact that this very moment right now, everything is perfectly OK.

When we are busy living in the future we are not present to the present. And when we live like this we miss the very gift, the present has to offer us. Each moment we are provided for exactly what we need , nothing more, nothing less, but if we are so busy concentrating on what we want, because we believe that will be the thing to bring us happiness, we forget to unwrap the gift that is before us.

All our worries are based on potential future outcomes that have not come to pass, and so to find balance in our lives it would serve us to let go of the reins of the future and take hold of the wheel of Now. Be right here, recognize all The benefits of your very existence that are occurring this very moment and realize that you will always be provided for. Trust the perfection that the BIG U has delivered to you right now and invite a little more mystery into your life .

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