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The BIG U - 1/27/21

All of us experience highs and lows in life and this beautiful flow of existence is exactly how it is supposed to be . Everything is designed to have periods of expansion and periods of retraction , periods of creation and periods of deconstruction, and this the perfect opportunity for life to continue to evolve .

The issue is that most of us have a duality perspective that skews our perception. We presume that growth and creation , gain and acquisition are positive, and conversely that reduction and deconstruction, loss and removal as negative . This warped idea of negativity has us chasing the highs of positivity and avoiding what we perceive as negative, yet if you look at the words I chose above , you can start to understand for evolution to exist that both aspects of duality are necessary for if we are to continue evolving we must realize the benefit of the perceived negative, for only after we have allowed removal and deconstruction can we recreate ourselves a new , so that we never remain stagnant or rigid .

So ride those highs , those exhilarating moments of magical creation but also surrender and coast down the other side allowing ourselves to be present and spacious to transition that will allow us to reconnect with our true spirit and then once more inspired to recreate a whole new version of ourselves in the next expansive moment!

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