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When we have something particularly difficult to handle in another person we tend to reject it, and in advertently reject them and yet ultimately this doesn’t serve us . For all of us have hidden attributes caused by wounds that Are yet to be healed, and when we reject something wholesale we also reject the opportunity for the healing this Reflection will bring.

Every challenging characteristic in another is a reflection of a hidden characteristic in ourselves, quite often it is a suppressed one. Something that we do a level best to keep hidden, and yet the even though the expression of it might be hidden the underlying energetics of it is felt. We feel we have got something in check and yet the impact have a secret judgments still creates consequences in the world.

When we bring somebody in our lives expressing some thing very strong that we want to move away from, it is actually a gift showing us that within ourselves we also have this energy and if we are to truly come to peace we need to own that, be willing to do the work to heal it . For only then when we are confronted with the reflection once again , we will know we are healed for our only reaction would be compassion.

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