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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Be willing to drop your pride and Accept the providence

Allow the abundance and

Receive the help

Pride can be useful in some situations but generally when we attached to it it can be our own downfall , for there are resources outside of a small ego that are simply waiting for us to allow them to support us.

When we are willing to except the Providence of the universe we are able to realize that it is not by effort alone that we deserve to be rewarded, but rather we see that this is our birthright to access and allow the abundance that is around us all the time to flood in ,and be utilized for our highest evolution.

We learn to say yes to this generous life and intern gratefully share it.

For when we are willing to receive help we find it is available from the most unexpected places and we realize that is in helping others we become a conduit for the universes generosity!

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