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Trust is built through total acceptance of what is and our willingness to make space for honesty to be revealed

Trust is the corner stone of all relationships. Without it we are uneasy and unable to build understanding or agreement. Yet how do we build this essential aspect with our friends families and relationships. Quite often we mistakenly believe that to trust someone is for them to do what we want or what we need, but really the basis for trust is honesty. Rather than an order carried out , Instead to develop a relationship where acceptance is the ground where we invite another to meet us .

When we are ready to open the space without anger , righteousness or condemnation but total acceptance, we invite true honesty to show up. Without the fear of retribution but the air of mercy we encourage another to share truthfully. Instead of hearing what we want to hear, an excuse or a defense, we actually allow the true feelings and perspective of another to be revealed. There is a willingness to hear one another , to accept the consequences and realize that sometimes we make agreements that do not serve us or the other and so it is inevitable that they will be broken . What is happening with another is a reflection of what is happening within us . So If we are willing to own this we can allow for our agreements to evolve as we do .

When we have established this method of honest invitation with all our relationships, trust is engendered and even when agreements are broken or unacceptable behaviors are performed , it is only in this space of truth that real solutions, and long term trustworthy connections are built. .

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