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Calm : Qualities a Peace 4

When the winds of our mind cease the waters of our soul are Calm

CALM is the absence of agitation in the still waters of being .

when our minds are racing all over the place with her to do list of tasks trying to compensate and be on top of everything we end up losing track of the present moment, and with so many different agendas running we become confused and agitated and this creates a storm in our mind that unsettles our inner Waters and create stress.

The answer is to release the past of the doubts we carry, and to not project them onto some future worrying , instead show up to this present moment with an elegant Equanimity, trusting, allowing, accepting , there is a divine plan in the logical chaos and when we can see this when we show up to each moment without the baggage and story and I allow our minds to simply witness, and receive the guidance that this moment has to offer.

When we can do this we can find the eye of the storm where all is calm .

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