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When we are courageous to share our truth with another we also remind ourselves who we truly are.

Most of us would agree that honesty is the number one virtue for when we are honest with ourselves and with others then we create a life that reflects the truth of who we are.

The challenge of this is when we feel compromised because We judge that our honesty might impact another negatively and so we choose instead the “white lie” to try and avoid hurt or pain to another. However the problem with this is that it causes more pain in the long run, the web of small lies we weave can lead to an eventual imprisonment of our true beings and eventually we can take no more and the hidden lies are revealed and can break a bond and cause distrust in our connections.

When we are courageous enough to talk compassionately and vulnerabl, coming from the heart and from up and letting our voice of truth speak through us ,we build connections of integrity that overtime become trusted and solid due to the very honesty we previously were afraid to speak.

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