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In the oceans of change we can stay calm on the island of trust

Sometimes we can feel like we are all at sea, that everything around us is moving , and has no real stability, and this can make us feel insecure and unable to make decisions.

The truth is that everything is always changing, In fact the only constant is change and so rather than trying to freeze the ocean what we have to realize is that in the middle of this ocean of exterior circumstances is an island that we stand on which is our own internal Guidance.

This island is our authenticity, the ability we have to tune into our own integrity.When we have the courage to trust our intuition we can be confident that the ever-changing ocean around us is actually a gift, because what it is showing us is that nothing is set in stone and when we follow our own guidance the world around us will shift and change to support our vision that we hold true to .

So trust each moment to your own integrity, do not be attached to the outcome but Be committed to the moment knowing that the ever changing ocean of life will shift to support your highest vision and greatest expression .

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