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is not a restriction it’s an invitation to play

So often in life we perceive Master Time as the great barrier, the great darkness marching on and on and we quantify age as the marker of It’s procession within our life.

Somewhere in our adulthood we start to feel that it is getting away from us and that lack of time equats to a lack of life and this can create a sense of scarcity and limitation and so we lose exuberance and spontaneity that was so free in the timelessness of childhood.

This kind of thinking is from a broken way of thinking for in truth Time is eternal and we as energetic beings have been given it to explore and create ourselves over and over again , we have manifested the opportunity of existence and the river of time as a backdrop from which to discover ourselves in infinte wonder .

Time actually only exists in our memory and imagination , for its as fluid as water and the idea that it only moves one way is because we get to see it that way . In actuality it is like ripples made by throwing a stone into a pond , for every moment of Now that we express a new choice about who and what we are this then ripples out in all directions , to our past , our future , and to all the parallel lives running concurrently with this one . Each experience that we awaken too we glean wisdom from and this feeds all the other aspects of ourselves, that seems as others but in truth are one big U-nification , and so we all contribute to the evolution of our divine essence in this way .

So I say Play with this moment, celebrate this moment, engage wholly with your authentic being with every experience, have FUN ! Imagine and Design Time to be a piece of clay modeling it to move fast or slow , forward or backward for in truth it is your servant not your master !

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